“Funk explorers with a mysterious past, Headphones Jones serve up tasty grooves with a blend of afrobeat and afro-latin flavours to create infectious energy and a sweaty dance floor. Watch out for big horns, driving rhythms and punchy vocals. Pack your suitcase for adventure. Dress loud, dance hard.”

“Always good vibes, always a party!” – The B.EAST

“If you like soulful fusion bands like SaskwatchThe Cactus Channel and Cat Empire, you’re sure to fall in love with Headphones Jones.” – Happy Mag

Headphones Jones are a Melbourne based funk collective that perform energetic dance music with the aim of creating an irresistible atmosphere and a pumping dance-floor. Their special blend of vocal and instrumental tunes allows for a varied and dynamic performance that offers a range of ways to engage for all audiences. At the heart of every song is danceable groove and storytelling, but there is also plenty of complex arrangements and improvisation for audiences to dive into. The core of the live experience is the energy created by having the large ensemble working together on stage to create a specific show for that audience and the connection that is shared from that responsive encounter.

The band is strongly influenced by traditions from around the world – such as American Funk, Cuban and Brazilian Folkloric music and Nigerian Afrobeat – and the interconnections between these styles that all have their roots in West Africa. The band love paying homage to these traditions and finding creative ways to incorporate these influences into their original compositions – creating an eclectic and unique sound that is tied together by the thread of grooves that make you want to move.

The band have performed at Eltham Jazz Festival, MOOMBA and Brunswick Music festival, with audiences of all ages, as well as packing out venues all over Melbourne. Other career highlights include supporting touring Canadian artist Alysha Brilla, and creating a fully themed 80s Horror warehouse gig in honour of the launch of their ‘Gym Junkie’ music video, complete with activities and costume prizes. The band has earned a reputation for their on stage antics with venues such as the B. East saying: “Headphones Jones are absolutely one of the most fun colourful bands we’ve EVER had! DON’T MISS THEM!”

The band independently recorded, released and distributed their first single, ‘Gym Junkie’, and four track EP, ‘Hectic Zebra’ in 2018 and followed it up with the music video for Gym Junkie in 2019, which was a finalist in the International Music Video Awards in London in 2020, the Music Video Awards 2021 in LA and an official selection for Kalakari Film Festival and GINDIE 21.

The band is currently working on material for their next release.



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